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Life is like a cup of tea, its all in how you make it.

So I finally enrolled in 3114 , thankfully timetable still looking good!

(see, still have my Monday and Fridays off!)

Now that one stressful decision been strike off, next up is results. You know how at the beginning of every semester you seem to be very motivated all of a sudden, you have this ‘resolution’ list came up with full of ‘I will, I will’ but all seemed to be ignored when the semester start. I hope this time is different for me. So a little about me , I’m currently on an internship with vodafone and very happy about that so far , it makes my life more fulfilling with those experience. Though I could not help but to look forward in a bit , so I went on for a job application spree,came up with cover letters and the usual stuff (though there’s silly-but-pretty-serious-accident involved as i send those job application, but ohwell). 

Alex Farewell

Alex’s going to UCLA for an exchange studies, so we not gonna see him till next year.

Meanwhile heres a snap of me after the hair color

Photo: after diy hairdye! http://instagr.am/p/MOIQmdowgS/

I will review on a more detailed one on the hair coloring result/process soon!


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Indecisive train of thoughts

(irrelevant gif made from cinemag.ram to color the entry with some cheer before I ramble)

The Indeciveness

You know, I keep telling myself whenever my life is flooded with distress and uncertainty that ” It gets better, stay strong”. I did, and I move on. I got strucked with several indecisive point in my life and I hated it excessively, its like the feeling of drilling a hole into my brain. Talking about indecisive, what actually makes a person couldnt decide?One word, fear. The immense risk that may come from making wrong decision is indescribable because we know we could not make a U turn , once we choose plan A , plan B will be scraped. No second chance.Fair enough 🙄

I could not decide on an elective for next semester now, that’s why I’m writing this entry,somehow writing it here really helps to explore up the inner self (wtf am i saying). So its either New Product Marketing(3114) or Marketing Communications(3112) .I’m the type of person that group project work actually lift my mark and that’s why at first I’m leaning towards the 3112 where plenty a lot of group project and final exam. 3114 consist of 2 exams and 1 major group project.The thing is , I’ve been warned by a friend that 3112 is hard 😯
this really triggers my brain to change it and enroll in 3114 instead. My brain was all “You’d been warned this is a major sign to change it already! 3114 have 2 exams , even though you aren’t exam type of student, pretty sure if you put your mind to it , it’d be do-able, exams = they give you topics to study, project = its entirely not dependent on whether you study or not” .

Both is a gamble. However, after much thoughts and mental calculations (yes, you probably notice how I choose an elective entirely on how much I could score on it 😕 ) . I think I’d go ahead with 3114 , I think the only thing that made me wanted 3112 was that I have friends who enroll in that and so I automatically assumed I’d higher chance in scoring. But false, I’d did electives in last semester with a genius friend of mine , but still, results still as average as ever. So you know, I’m gonna take 3114 , hopefully teamed up with dream team and get a not-fail mark for project and for the 2 exams, just gonna study it off. It’s better cause at least exams, I know I can do well if I put my mind to it. For 3112 many projects , even if I put my mind to it , if its wrong, if the lecturer didnt like it = NO POINT.

Okay, thanks wordpress. I’m gonna go ahead with my enrolment variation 🙂




So basically my exams ended on 18th June , which apparently was the first day of final exam week. Dont get me wrong though , I have had my exams for other subjects weeks before the final exam. I have had good rest , been up all night catching up on The Office (I’m up on season 7 now!).

 I’m keeping a list of everyone who wrongs me so when I’m back on top, they’ll be sorry.

(The Office’s [B.J Novak as Ryan] “I’m keeping a list of everyone who wrongs me so when I’m back on top, they’ll be sorry.”) The day when I just done with exams, I was really feeling unhappy. I dont know what and why , I just feel unhappy. Well , part of it maybe due to the exam being so mathematically involved, it was supposed to be a marketing exams but they involve slight statistics in it (which I very much dreaded)Photobucket. That being said, that night I saw one of the subjects was 1 mark away from achieving a certain grade. Feeling hopeless, I sent an email to my tutor to ask for the overall mark being up 1 mark. I was really scared, scared that my marks might be lowered instead, scared that it left unreplied etcetera. But hey, theres no harm in trying! Next morning, I woke up feeling much better , got my brain all calmed down. I tried to arrange timetable, only come to one problem; I can’t fixed the subject the ideal way I want. I took spanish on semester 1 and it was extremely fast-paced, weekly test and all that. Its manageable but I just won’t take it to the next level anymore. I wanted to take Chinese , I have background in it. Problem is that I can only take starting from level 1b ( can’t take 1a cause I have used up all the junior level unit study). I know this sound really complex, but I finally came up with actual and alternative plan after much painstaking brainstormPhotobucket I’ve appointment with the Chinese department for interview to waive the pre-requisite unit set on 23rd July , I’m nervous but for better for worse I have enrolled in my alternative plan now.You know, just as a pre-caution incase I didnt get Chinese (Which my negativity thought is leaning towards now).So here’s a glimpse of timetable I have now : I’m taking 2 Ibus and 2 Mktg subject. Even though theres alot of uncertainty , but i’ve come up with it anyway..Hopefully things went smoothly. Results out by 2 July another thing that freak me out 😦

Road Trip !

This is the aspect that I most look forward to. I’m going for a short trip to Brisbane + Gold Coast with small company. I dont dread small company, in fact I love it. Sure, misery love company but seriously sometimes it is the company that causes those misery. Anyway, we have bought the accommodation, tickets and even came up with the itennary all planned outPhotobucket Will be blogging on the trip so stay tuned too 😉

Updates on me;

So last month I got a job , really happy on it , mainly because it keeps me busy and lost track of time. In a way, it keeps me away from having train of negative thoughts. Yes, I have been struck with lots of emo feeling this days, I wish I could end it but seriously I couldnt and it annoys the hell out of me  . Anyway, I have just dyed my hair with Palty Cream Hair Dye ( Bleach Natural Brown far left) + Liese Bubble Hair Dye (Mocha Orange far right) . 


I must say, lesson learnt, I innitially bought Palty Cream dye cause their colours shows up more than the bubble hair dye, but seriously I used up that I bottle with my hair hardly covered.  Next time , I will just solely buy bubble hair dye, its quicker, spreads more evenly and all. In case you’re wondering , yes. I very much prefer DIY japanese hair dye than going salon. Most of the time I went salon , the color either didnt show or no difference and because of my length at least I will be charged $300 ! mehh :/ 20120622-222357.jpg I will post a more detailed one on the before afters soon ( the above pic of mine is taken before the hair dye) Till the next update, have a nice day!

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Another mediocre marks

Ended exams today, hate how this subject of marketing have statistical component (i hateee uni maths!). Got back most but not all of our marks, inevitably, its always arent that satisfying. Yeah, I feel that short sharp pain inside me. You may think I’m overreacting, but I agree to disagree. Sometimes, I just…

Sometimes, even if your mind hope it gets better , even if you’d try so hard, reality awakes you and say it wont.

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The refresh button

Finally back with update, ^^

People need refresh button in their life at some point of time, I need it badly last weekPhotobucket
I realised I could have taken Chinese and pull up my WAM, but I dont know wtf is wrong with the past me, it did came across my mind, but I always think its better to take something that i’d never take in uni.
But  no, at the end of the day grades is all that matters.
So I was devastated and desperate to get Chinese when I realised I only have 1 junior credit study left I could take (means I could only take 1B not 1A).I approached the departments and they mentioned about having interview in the week of 20th July, I wasnt content, I was infact really upset to be unable to get confirmation asap.
I’m afraid I’ll be enrolled in either higher level of chinese or not being allowed to enrolled in it all (worst-case scenario).
But Im all calmed down now, for the time being, im taking spanish and really liking it ( I just dont like the constant tests!) . So wish me luck on these !Photobucket

Other point, sydney is getting chilly, my outfit post from instagram @valentiney

AND other exciting update!
I got my internship approved at vodafone!I must’d say this is really unexpected since…you know, I never really ever felt acceptance without approvals.
So I will and should seize this and hopefully all goes wellmilkysmile
Starting work this coming friday! and have Jayeslee gig after!

Alrighty till next update, have to get STARTED on this 5page reflection paper! wish me luckPhotobucket

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the unsatisfactory twist

So i had 2 presentation back to back today,

1. First presentation : innitially i felt good about it, but thinking back about how our group did the role playing in presentation (we’re doing presentation on an airlines so we said things like  ‘cabin crew’ ‘please fastenened your seatbelt’ ) and best one of our member SHAKE the tutor’s table.omg kill me nowPhotobucket

2. The second one, one of our member present everything for us but he oversaid the first poster and end up no time talking about 2nd and third poster…..and our tutor said he ‘got lost’  and yeah i dont need to elaborate the rest. Its a Pass/Fail assessment , so hope we made it. Regarding the new member nuisance addition , I guess for now I cant really say much about it since im of no much help to the group either. Plus, i felt the presentation could have been so much better if he’d practise running through it (put more effort)


So thats all for my presentation update, WHAT SORCERY IS THISSSS?

Gonna have spanish online test and got to prepare for upcoming ibus test…oh i hate all of this. I just hope I could get the intern for now!!Photobucket

Gonna get some sleep now and wake up at 630 to study. im too tired for all this crap and nuisance!
End of with picture updates and some pic from huntervalley trip ^^

Till the next update xx!