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Packing and Bakchang

I didnt normally follow these, but apparently its Dragon Boat Festival the other day and I was sent this Bakchang (a traditional delicacy made of glutinous rice stuffed with different fillings and wrapped in bamboo leaves).Its really yummy especially if its homemade

Anyway,since I didn’t live with my parents , I didn’t really follow closely to these events and traditions. You know when you live away from your parents since you’re 11 , your views and everything has changed, but your parents will still presumed you to be the same old you and stuff. It gets really annoying sometimes and causes few communication problems. But every pros comes with cons so I have nothing to be strongly complaining about.

We planned for Korea trip end of this year , which really excites me but part of my brain still hesitant probably because I have been feed with empty promises too many times. This time , I will handle it all by myself and make sure we really go there!So as I told in previous entries, I’m going for a short road trip to Brisbane, got all paper stuff printed out and organised, next up…thinking what clothes to bring.

Me right now ;

Till next post!

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General update

I did nothing productive academically this weekend, sucha guilty pleasure..

 did I mention? Im chocsoc’s new sub-com!Okay it may sound like a no biggie thing, but seriously im psyc for it !Some pics from last week meeting in wagaya!

Outfit of the day :

(&Im loving how sharp my nose like in 2nd pic #shameless)

Other notes, housemate and me got some awesome godly yummy indo feast meal today!

The martabak isPhotobucket SO DAMN NYAMMYYY!
I ate 3 today and keep the rest on freezer,figured out it’d be sinful to eat it all at one go.
Plus I couldnt get it everyday, so might as well save it!

And Im contemplating to order from zipia, its $300++ (I know)
Im sucha spenderPhotobucket RAWRRR I WANT IT THO 😦

Till next post.

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Packed week!

Packed week yet again, after i’d done with Spanish listening (really hope I could just pass it at leastPhotobucketWeekends been busy but I like that way! Celebrated Andrea’s 26th!

Part 1 in Hard Rock Cafe for dinner!

Part 2 outdoor for cake-cutting!

^Also went for Brazillian buffet with Ps clique!

It was alright , just love the company and catchups!Photobucket
$19 for all you can eat! though the meat is sort of waiters giving not you take, desserts was dissapointing too
Going huntervalley tommorow , have 2 back-to back presentation due next week!oh god!Photobucket

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The first half of INM visit was hell awkward and messy. I was with my heavy bags and books and people were

scattered around (finding people and stuff)

was really milkysmile the whole time.
So finally meet up with ps clique and it made the night so much better !Photobucket

Anyway, enough about my rant on INM , bottompoint, its horrible and I wont go there next year no more (we’ll see).

OH and did i mention?
Receive my baseball jacket parcel today!
So very very happy with it, nice sizing and the material is really good quality
Bought it from ebay with this amazing+fast seller!

coordinating the jacket with red beanies and wavy-cut shorts

Thats it for my rant, still need to practise for my listening test tommorow milkysmile

got this as my study snack/dinner,story of my life fuu