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The refresh button

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Finally back with update, ^^

People need refresh button in their life at some point of time, I need it badly last weekPhotobucket
I realised I could have taken Chinese and pull up my WAM, but I dont know wtf is wrong with the past me, it did came across my mind, but I always think its better to take something that i’d never take in uni.
But  no, at the end of the day grades is all that matters.
So I was devastated and desperate to get Chinese when I realised I only have 1 junior credit study left I could take (means I could only take 1B not 1A).I approached the departments and they mentioned about having interview in the week of 20th July, I wasnt content, I was infact really upset to be unable to get confirmation asap.
I’m afraid I’ll be enrolled in either higher level of chinese or not being allowed to enrolled in it all (worst-case scenario).
But Im all calmed down now, for the time being, im taking spanish and really liking it ( I just dont like the constant tests!) . So wish me luck on these !Photobucket

Other point, sydney is getting chilly, my outfit post from instagram @valentiney

AND other exciting update!
I got my internship approved at vodafone!I must’d say this is really unexpected since…you know, I never really ever felt acceptance without approvals.
So I will and should seize this and hopefully all goes wellmilkysmile
Starting work this coming friday! and have Jayeslee gig after!

Alrighty till next update, have to get STARTED on this 5page reflection paper! wish me luckPhotobucket


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