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I did nothing productive academically this weekend, sucha guilty pleasure..

 did I mention? Im chocsoc’s new sub-com!Okay it may sound like a no biggie thing, but seriously im psyc for it !Some pics from last week meeting in wagaya!

Outfit of the day :

(&Im loving how sharp my nose like in 2nd pic #shameless)

Other notes, housemate and me got some awesome godly yummy indo feast meal today!

The martabak isPhotobucket SO DAMN NYAMMYYY!
I ate 3 today and keep the rest on freezer,figured out it’d be sinful to eat it all at one go.
Plus I couldnt get it everyday, so might as well save it!

And Im contemplating to order from zipia, its $300++ (I know)
Im sucha spenderPhotobucket RAWRRR I WANT IT THO 😦

Till next post.


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