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the unsatisfactory twist

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So i had 2 presentation back to back today,

1. First presentation : innitially i felt good about it, but thinking back about how our group did the role playing in presentation (we’re doing presentation on an airlines so we said things like  ‘cabin crew’ ‘please fastenened your seatbelt’ ) and best one of our member SHAKE the tutor’s table.omg kill me nowPhotobucket

2. The second one, one of our member present everything for us but he oversaid the first poster and end up no time talking about 2nd and third poster…..and our tutor said he ‘got lost’  and yeah i dont need to elaborate the rest. Its a Pass/Fail assessment , so hope we made it. Regarding the new member nuisance addition , I guess for now I cant really say much about it since im of no much help to the group either. Plus, i felt the presentation could have been so much better if he’d practise running through it (put more effort)


So thats all for my presentation update, WHAT SORCERY IS THISSSS?

Gonna have spanish online test and got to prepare for upcoming ibus test…oh i hate all of this. I just hope I could get the intern for now!!Photobucket

Gonna get some sleep now and wake up at 630 to study. im too tired for all this crap and nuisance!
End of with picture updates and some pic from huntervalley trip ^^

Till the next update xx!


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