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Weekend updates

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Have 3 more lectures to go , got to finish it by tonight so i can revise them whole day tommorowPhotobucket
Anyway, woke up from my 2 hours nap to find the note left my lovely housemate PYHT6JAXH8GS

Its very nyammyy and warm porridge.Sucha lovely gesturemilkysmile love you xx!

Moving on, last week during easter break went to operahouse

And in that same week i kindaa chopped few centimeters of my hair , cause the fringe is getting very long. And,lets face it. I have big face and longy fringe will just emphasize on that unglam feature.

So I went to a random Korean hair salon in city for a $33 haircut (which I believe it could easily be $22 if i speak the same languange etc as them

Very happy with my haircut though!
Anyway thats about it , back to study mode


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