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Another update!I keep updating in the middle of the night –from the mighty blackberry!

Those are the pics taken during NewYearsEve dinner,srsly my eyes are so damn slit -_- anyway!

Handled visa errands today,next up;

-finalised accomodation thingy

-some col thingy

-other essential to-buys

Giddy by those things 😦

Now that I'm all 'independent' I'm totally doing all these shit alone.zzz

But good news!

Parents decided not to be so ruthless afterall,bro&dad will accompany me here to move ard etc.

Bad news,

I may have to open new bank account (this one not sure yet,will confirm with the bank ppl)

cuz mum was all like 'if the central bank tt u applied to was in melb,u will have to go there if there's anything wrong' …I was 50-50 over this.

As of now,this is the to-do,step by step!

Oh and it would be really nice if parents aren't THAT supertitious ._.

P.s: I'm going facial/face & skin treatment tomorowwwww!

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