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You know,because I’d spent most of my years overseas.I didnt really have much time interacting closely with parents and etc.As a result?They think they know me (not knowing how much change i adopt,they presume im the same old me—frm 9yrs ago,BUT THEY DONT)and reprimanded me for a very simple stuff

Its frustating as hell,I know many will say BLABLABLA RESPECT ETC.Hello?I know those guidelines of respect etc to parents.I KNOW.Knowing ethics and respecting your parents are like two different stuff.

Im sick and tired of being reprimanded over minor things,they really think they know me huh.
But guess what y’all,y’all dont know me at all.
Sure,being messy is nasty.I know that.Im not much of a tidy/neat freak,so I dont mind my room being messy once in a while —then tidy them up again when I have the freetime.
This is my life,if you want me to follow life in every and single of your rules,then its equivalent to living your life.I dont want that.Like,who will want that?
As much as I hate it,it keeps on happening.Sometimes I wish Im a robot,doesnt have feelings to feel hurt/sad/angry.Really,I very much prefer that.Why?
Its always seems wrong to be angry
Always seems inappropriate to feel hurt
and always seems insecure to be sad.
So,I rather be feelingless at a times.
Now they asked me to move melb-syd all on my own.Its kinda my dad’s way of telling me .”See,if you stay in sg this wont happen”. Trust me,I dont regret moving to AU.I love sg in a way,but I dont regret my choice.They want me to move on my own ,so be it.Theres no point in arguing further,for it will only bring more anger & dissatisfaction.
offtopic:I dont understand why people would decline to get into uni of their choice,simply cuz of the trouble in moving.WHY?
They all annoy me as hell.Presume that im one person whereas im actually not.I srsly HATE AZN ASUMPTIONS.Its like ,’Oh this behaviour of yours surely comes from XXX’.Like hell?Genetics sure plays a part in us,but ever heard of Nature Vs Nurture thingy?
Sorry but i believe in nurture.Who you are as a kid,your surruoundings changes you.NOT because of purely nature.
ALL in all,im devastated and frustated.Sure,I dont sound like your typical obedient daughter.Im sorry to disappoint?Im not a rebel,even if I am.Im forced to be.
I settled every stuff on my own,report little or no stuff to my parents as they doesnt know what im talking and etc.But,despite doing all those.What do i get?Scoldings Scoldings Scoldings.

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