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Updated education info in facebook,yes this little thing make me happy.

Yup.Im a University of Sydney student as of next year 🙂 (you see it first here hehe :P)
My result could have gotten me to Uni Melbourne,but Usyd is where I want to go I guess?
I mean its not about just WHAT you’re doing in uni,its about WHERE you’re doing it.
Its the period that you gonna spent heaps of time.
Plus even before my result is out,I’ve been longing to go this uni ( i was sooooo scared I couldnt make it to uni and end up as a uni-less student THANK GAWD).Yeah,my semester 1 screwed up.I literally studied for exams just the day before (or exactly 10 hours before exams).Blame the worldcup,blame my urge to explore and blame me for believing to people/agent that with my Olevel score I no need to worry much about Trinity.
So Semester 2 pretty much a make-up-for-the-loss period,it was tough but its now worthwhile 🙂
And if you see my room in melb now its pretty much written ‘USYD USYD’ chanting like mad cow there 😛
Yes,Melbourne is fun.I have friends and everything there already,but hey life cant always be in your comfort zone,can you?Not knowing the city is pretty much a thrill as well.
And you maybe wondering my education path in these cities
Indo – Singapore – Melbourne – Sydney – ???
I guess it makes me grow big time and yeah whats next?It definitely will not end in sydney 😉
Told y’all it just begin here.TEHE
For the whole day today (i’d just been sent the confirmation of enrollment & COE etc),i kept staring at those and smiling to myself like a turd.HAHAHHAHAHHA oh and I settled all the uni stuff application etc all by myself.Like duh,theres no way im gonna troubled…what,mum?noway
At the end of the day,I was like OHYEAH AND OHNO.
No beef for a year next year 😦 OHWELL!
ANYWAY IM HAPPY,challenge accomplisheddd 😀 TEHE

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