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I need to start packing by tonight,so many things to bring home.

I kindaa start to think that,you know,maybe it is the right decision.
ANYWAY,moving on;
I won an auction yesterday for this item!
its the Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Pallete + Primer!!WOHO!
Its been out-of-stock in their website for SOO LONNG,and heard that sephora sg also doesnt have it anymore.
SO yeap!
Tonight shall submit my Taobao & Cortex order.Talking about this,I really wanna own one of Nars blush,has heard sooo many good reviews bout them!
I want this two!
from left :deep throat & Super orgasm

I know their naming is pretty classic huh.
Okay then shall pack now!
People (yes im talking about myself as well) annoys the hell outta me,most of the time,
through trivial cause.I can take that.But srsly?You know some people,when they come here and you know didnt have friends and all that thing ; they did one thing that most of them did.YES,trying to fit in so damn hard.And Im not just saying ‘damn hard’ for nothing.

Really,they does all the thing that makes you WUAAA.From a green leaves to a rotten fruit ( i know weird imagination,but you get the point — the big transition).Yes,I know people
change,people dont stay who they used to be (DUH!) but if you changed for someone else,thats different definition of change.Oh wait,thats not even call change,thats call desperation.

Yes,by now you should know that people annoys me.Im not escaping or running away.Im facing those,its like everyday stuff.No one will be 100% liked ,vice versa.
Maybe I think starting from nil its a good thing,most mates are just superficial,they call you friends,but really…who will really run to your house or go to you when you actually needed them?

Maybe Im drunk,but I really think its a good idea to

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