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Now don’t say I never share!This is a glimpse from the a uni booklet that I hopefully can go to.
I’ll be one happy joyous byotch if I got in.(Couldn’t care so much bout other things till I tackle this point!)Photobucket

So yerp!one more paper (tmro).and damn it my stuff frm a uk store hasn’t arrive 😦
Royal mail international signed for,everytime I see those words I know I couldn’t go for you again!
Now dont get me wrong,I think its just me,you know being impatience and everything since im gg off to sg soon (but yeah its been 2weeks).

I’d online-shopped since I was 15yrs old and duh i’d met across things like this
lets hope i’ll receive it soon 😀 *impatience smirk*Photobucket

UPDATE: RECEIVED.it turn out that the item had arrived i wasnt informed!HEY!

I really hope im in UK srsly looking thru their ebay shops (most of them receive the item in just 48hours after payment!)WTF RITE!Plus their item is super good deals and wide variety(most of them has their own webpage but i’d somehow prefer to shop from their ebay store)
Oh well,after I tackle this first step to uni,then we talk about this UK school stuffy!
(Uk stores is great,usually ships fast,with this as an exceptional)



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