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Wise ppl + Taobao

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I cant believe im going to graduate from Trinity in lil bit,I mean it feels like its still February!

Anyway,I always get so touched when smarties people willingly teach me without complains.
Like they just teach me until I get it,how awesome is that?Photobucket
I dont know about you,but during my secondary school life (of course cat you arent counted),most smarties dont even willing to share their knowlegde or even teach you.How competitive right?Im glad I met people who dont.
So when they’re smart and they willing to teach me,I always get soooooo happy and touched,like
they’re so noble!Photobucket
I had browse through taobao today!Taobao is a chinese ebay and I dont get it why they dont allow international buyer/payment!srsly why!Even G-market (korean ebay) & Japanese Ebay do allow international buyer/payment!hmph!
But theres always a way to buy from taobao *wink* so yeah I was pretty excited,listed so many stuff to buy from there,srsly china is awesome.Their items are cheap,delivery almost all shop is free and the models…omg….most of the models there are like drop-dread gorgeous.
(note:they’re modelling for their own shop)
I have weird fetish on seeing pretty/hot/cute asian girls,so dont mind uh!
Alright thats all now,imma head back and Photobucket

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