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My new addiction!

I always have the urge to add picture everytime I posted something.I just dislike the 'dull w/o picture ' look.

Anyway,so busy today,been to 2 places. it was productive.

My nap from 30minutes to 10-15minutes and I finally get the hang of waking up every 10mins.

That way,it refreshened up my brain!

Tho I still drink redbull and such :/

Oral score made me happy,its like the first time I ever got that high in EAP.Dale is suchaa sweetheart as well 🙂 tho EAP is not useful to me(since I had met Uni EL req ),I innitially planned not to study it.But oh well,I might just put some effort to it.Dale ,Jyanusk,Cheryl is the greatest teacher I'd met in Trinity,they're all so inspiring and kind :')

But I'd locked in my goal,I'♍ gonna focus on it first.no wavery/uncertaincy this time !I want I want syssy!

Right,major drama perf on fri and I play the lead WTFFF…pressure man


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