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valentiney favourite post for 2010

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Time flies and the year has come to an end,so its time to reflect back on my ’10 posts!

Nuffnang santa asked what is my favourite post for ’10 and its obviously ‘its been so long!’ (created:1/03/10).
soooo you ask me why?
this post got it all in one pack,my birthday which coincides with CNY/Valentines,bro bday,arrival to melb and etc!
SO it pretty much describe how i start 2010,at the same time shows how imma end 2010!
its basically the reflection of 2010 end from 2010 beginning perspective !
The new school/environment,wait,looking back i was like ‘HEY i was exciteddd’ (oh and still is)
and birthday?new year,experience and yeah all grown up 😀 ;
YES.i started the year with so many celebrations—till end of sem 2 where i realised its TIME for some change ._.
So the post also talks about melby,yes melbourne:
the unstable weather
you know it!this is melbourne!its no myth
so new school/new environment for 2010.I was excited & still is!
Think that 2010 ending is the great beginning?I do.Do you?!

Nuffnang Challenge yourself and see !meanwhile ImPhotobucket,hopin i will got my christmass pressies? :3


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