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So far,day was well-spent.

Revised 2 subjects and 2 more for night & midnight.
Yeah,thats my definition of ‘well-spent’ now,im a pathetic fella.Photobucket
BTW i have to rant this and get this out ,it always bothers me how (dad in particular)let brother go anywhere he wants AND YET bro rather not.WTHH man,give that chance to me at least!
Oh well in the past (13yo) I begged mum to allow me to go Canada,as I really craved to go Uni of toronto,but yeah they dissaprove it duh!
Then when I was sec 3 , I was about to give up my second-overseas studies and thought maybe i’ll be in sg.That didnt happen.Mum tries to talk it out with dad and he understand and ta dah im in Au now.Au is great,(apart from being lifeless due to workload),so I sweared I would just bring it all now and hopefully got accepted ! Then I will definitely organise everything in place (time management).
YES.my time management sucks in sem1 ( didnt blame so much for it,I had fun nevertheless).
Ohwell,shit happen in life.
We shall all remember that Mistakes makes a stronger you,it doesnt ‘finish’ you .Its only when you quit then you’re finished.
BTW I registered to Look book ystd.WTH?!its now open for signup to all users?last year/last time i checked LB its like u must receive some sort of invitation to be a member there.wow lol.
Anyway,its a great thing.I’d signed up and will post OFTD (outfit for the day) looks AFTER the exams and after i’d get accepted to uni Photobucket( I Hope i do!I’d vowed to do some extraordinary thing !)
So yeahhhPhotobucket
shall back and being lifeless again.I shall conquer you my-current-misery-life.

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