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A : Eh im gonna online at QQ today (talks to C ) [QQ is a china version of msn]
B : WHAT?! you know QQ?you can type and all?
A: *rolls eyes* i told you earlier i took chinese in sg
A : [sometime later] Im craving for tao sar piah!
B : WHAT?!how come you know tao sar piah ?! *ask why cuz tao sar piah is a CHINESEsnack*
B: [sometime later] *post status in chinese caligraphy*
A : *replies the status*
B : WHAT?you can read chinese? o.o how comeee
A : SRSLY WTF ?! I SAID THIS FOR THE LAST TIME *repeat the whole reason why*
FUCK U .SRSLY B is pissing the hell outta me,c’mon m’sia is not the world and this isnt the first time,i even had spoke friggin mandarin to B.yeah wtf.
#sorry im just pissed since she made it sound like the world only focuses/revolves in m’sia NOT because of chinese/mandarin stuff.AND m’sia isnt the only place where non-china ppl can actually speak chinese -_- its UBER annoying (the tone/sentence/just everything basically)
[unfortunately,i cant deliver the annoyance through merely text hence it looks like im just being pissed over ‘MINOR’ stuff,trust me its not ]

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