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Hey folks,I’d ‘abandoned’ my blogger for several months now due to tumblr :p

But ohwell,tumblr turn out to be pretty much like ‘scrapbook’ instead of real blogging.
Its either reblogged/likes/embed from others etc…In short,you can’t post sucha long post like what I normally did in blogger.
Which makes it not-so-good for blog site.

HAHHA.anyway,I will be updating often after my exams end (26thNov).
Till then I’ll be just posting stuff from my blackberry C:

YES,its a crucial exam!
I hope I get at least 82-84% that way it’ll be suchaaa relief and I can go uni next year! (HOORAH)

P.s: picture on header and bio hasn’t been replaced w my own 😦
But ohwell!Photobucket

Ttyl!MUGGINGGG time!
via BlackBerry®


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