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“You know the point where you’re standing at the edge of the cliff?The stunning view is right infront of you but so is death.To grasp the view you must put ur life on stake.I think im at that point now.

Dang,stress has been soo IMMENSE these days I just wanna die!Photobucket though not,literally.
Anyway,planning to do some HOI later.I vowed I’m not gonna sleep before 5am today ,been so unproductive today!

One thing that I’m sooo GRATEFUL of;
Quired to one of the uni that I’d applied,and they said my english requirement has met the criteria and that I only need to worry of my final academic score of xx% to get into the faculty!
My EAP in trinity has sucked balls,and I was pretty worried to meet the 70% or abv EL req.
SOOOOO to hear that my IELTS has striked off this worriness,IS really RELIEFING.
Okay,not THAT reliefing !still need to meet their criteria of final score (luckly its realistic goal for me,of cuz still required hardwork!)
Gonna quadrapled the hardwork to get into uni,HALLELUJAHHHH!

Okay ttyl

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