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BBQ today was uber fun,and CHEAP! its half price!

Tommorow is either Movies or Ice-Skate.
Im into Ice skate as im kindaa guilty of not having to exercise as much here 😦
plus,its half-priced tommorow!HAHAHAHE!
oh and I can improve on my skating skills too HEE!
Im kindaa not-in-the-mood when people keep brought in the topic tt they know i dont like in.
“MEHH dont be so sensitive” is what my brother prolly will say LOL!
Yeh im trying to be like that,whatever let me just be just once poured out all e emotions.
Cause I know tt after the gush,the torrents,the swift i will feel lots better.
Im contemplating on gg back indo on either next break or yr end.
Its either or,but yr end prolly unlikely :/
I need to manage my visas,some house thingy and taking up jobs and course ;D
oh and uni stuff!
But the downside of gg back in june,
Assignments!is better to do it when im in melb with friendsss.
and etc etc.
Im sooo gonnna decide by tmrw..tickets is gg cheap now!
;D nites
sensitivity is not a sin

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