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its been so long!

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IM back!for good!
melbourne has been really awesome!big LOVE!
Sch has started for quite a while,which means piled up work!oh no!
my ‘craves’ section on the sidebar seems to be shortened,im soo glad that most of it came true 😀
Let the picture roll in!(not in order)
the 7hour flight to melb
felt excited yet sad at the same time 😦
the melb journey starts.

First day of school;

nice seniors,meet awesome new peeps 😀
with the awesome-est friendsss in sg
was late for the dinner,thanks to the forgetful guy who forgets to book the air-ticket.
DONT forget me peeps!

yours truly birthday!
its a valentines/cny/b’day!
Im loving it!family crazeness!yeay me likes!


disasterous performance
but with awesome family by my side
my lovely baby-face brother b’day!
saayy heeeloooo!
Trinity main campus:
my cute mum posing as usual

thats about it,
im loving melb!
the hailstorm last last saturday was kindaa cool experience.
Despite the crazeness abt the weather,it wasnt as bad as i thought.
the main goal for now!
back to students life!so studyy harddd!
get into melb u next yr babeh!AMEN AMEN!

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