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Heyss blogged this from my blackberry 🙂
So anyways,few days ago I got back my O’s result was really satisfied with it
gotten 5As and 2B3s. And a 10 and 12 for L1R4 and R5 respectively,.which clearly goes beyond my expectations.(Not trying to brag or wadsoever)
so off those days where everymorning I’d to read silly storybooks,and listening to
Hateful instructions to do this and that..and tie our beautiful long hair,wearing uniforms.and many more which I can’t list all here…

O’s period really the darkest,but since its over its now a rainbow sky for me
Well at least for now..hate those O’s period to the max

High school been there and done that 😉

So next month will be in trinity already,excited nervous thrilled..
Hope everything goes well 😉
Oh and just to clarify,doesn’t mean my O’s result is a waste since trinity had accepted me usin my prelims,cuz it at least prove tt my effort doesn’t go in vain 😉

Will be having a huge fam’s dinner tonight;)


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