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Looks like I’ve been enjoying my hols so much so that I didnt even update much here.

This yr holidays are the best,I didnt get stucked in jambi for the 2month period.
And what’s more is that during nov-dec i’d gone to jkt twice and sg twice too,
got new laptops,phones and next month I will have new school in new country with new friends.
to the friends that I got so far,donttt everr forget me!cuz I wont !
Oh and I didnt mention here yet that I’d been accepted to trinity by usin my prelim results!
wee..I gone crazy when I knew that :)!muauahhahha!
Checked the melb weather before I applied there,I dont mind about the chill but the hotness summer will severely kills me..wears out my make ups and make my body sweaty and sticky..eww man..I just hope there is a travel size aircon that I can bring anywhere.
Grandma passed away on the 16Dec 09,didnt want to elaborate much but there was only me & her maid when tt happens.Seeing someone dies rite infront of u just change the perception on how u view human’s life.Trust me its more fragile tt u can ever imagine.
So school starts on 22feb,I hope everything will be fine and that application to uni of melb next yr will be smoothly done.
Im so over that O’s stress period,it just the worst of the worst recorded in my study history.I dont wanna go over that period no mmoreee!yays..
was told that results will come out on mon,so I’d to wear the uniform all over again..
Well all the best to me & the other ppl who is takin too..
im feelin so sick rite now..sneezin and all..
New yr eve last yr was well-spent with my family 😀
p.s:no pic cuz im blooggin with my new lappy & didnt bring my BB usb”s

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