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So here’s the story

Departed at 20 Nov 2009 from Changi to Jakarta,stayed for 3days only.
23Nov2009 departed from Jakarta to Jambi
28Nov2009 departed from Jambi to Singapore
And now after 2days of a very packed and rushed day,
Im departing to Jambi again at 1Dec2009 from Singapore.
Looking at the list above im pretty impressed actually,lol in a bad way.
Yesterday spent the whole day shopping for my winter-wear,boots and some clothes.
With my mum,I cant shop for my makeup stuff T.T
Today spent less than half-a-day with Gfs and Daniel&Justin,its a fun one.
I really wanna watch movies but time constraint really held me not to watch one.
Bought new Laptop today,its gonna be my last one the next one if I buying one,it’ll be using my OWN money.
But overall Im quite happy with this purchase,its brown in colour.
I like the white/silver one,but the brown one is more classy looking and very rare-ish looking.
Singtel hasnt released both N900 and BB9700
but most likely I’ll be buying BB9700,and lol mum gonna give me her E71 (red) as my second phone.Im stunned for a while.Hope she keeps her words~!mauahhaha
5Dec my IELTS results will be out!
I hope it will be a good & satisfying one.
Regarding the prom,as much as I want to go somewhere in my heart says it wont happen cuz everyone didnt say “yes” quickly,most of them said “maybe” T.T
why why why..why my high-school life in sg end without a proper ending/party?
Thats all,I’ll be contd packing my stuff.
and im still using my old Fujitsu to update this lol.

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