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HeyHo,Im here to update again.
Went for night lesson today to see Ms loo ;D
Realise night lesson is not my choice of studying things,so tonight will be my last.
Anyways its approaching end-of-year soon and Im here to post about things that I hope/will get.
Did this kind of post for almost every end-year for the last 2 year.

I’ve been very loyal with my Prada phone for the last TWO years!and thats about it!
I thought Nokia has been producing preetty much not-so-up-to-standard phone in the Nseries (N95,N97,N70,etc.) and I was browsing the web one day and see this N900 using different OS as the rest of Nokia phone!
How cool is that!
Normally Nokia phone use Symbian OS,N900 uses Maemo5 OS!
The rest of the benefits is just too long to be listed.
I set my eye on this.
2.Revamp my hair
Its been a millionth year that I last dye my hair and after this I can finally dye my dull & boring black colour hair!
3.Face to HEAL!
Yup Yup!this is priority!
Its a good thing that my face is progressing its way to heal,lets hope it’ll be smooth&clear after exams!
4.Go out/BBQ-ing/Ice Skating/etc.
I hardly go out everyday during my sec school life,it sound like OTAKU but well it’s like that.
So after O’s hopefully I can refund my ‘lost-life’ back and have some fun
and the list go on..
End-of year make me both sad and smile.
Im turning one more year next year,and getting older soon.
Its a good thing that my parents allow me to study abroad to AU,their short study path certainly help me to graduate faster.
It feels kindaa weird when my friends in my homeland is attending their Uni while Im still in sec sch.
But to think it again,its not so bad..schooling is definately more fun and surrounded by ppl younger than me makes me feel YOUNG ;D!hahaha
and yep!quality of cert is more important than the quantity of amt spent in sch.
So positive thinking works for me..to console myself..hahaha
Anyways O’s coming in few weeks and likely I’ll not be blogging till it over.Who knows?
So yeap!take care of health and all the best peeps!
Till here

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