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2PM w/o Jaebum is only 1:59PM

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Heyas,been absent in blogging for days now.

So anyways,seen the Jaebum Fanmade song just now and it was damnn amazing T.T
nice lyrics and all!
See it here if you havent:
(listen once and you’ll know what’s Im hyping abt)
Catch up with ‘Family Outing’ episodes today too ;D
Seen the YeJin&Chun Hee farewell episode made me teary eyed T.T
and I keep thinking how I big I would cry out loud when my maid left me this year-end.
Its so saddening can!
She’s the one that been there for me-even longer that I was with my parents.
So naturally I feel closer to her more than well yup my parents themselves.
Nevermind,I’d to get over this one day too..
Hope that I cn really go overseas,so that I would not been reminded by her constant presence in my sg house 😦
did you hear my whisper here?

Till here,1more day 2more paper.
1Day2Paper till prelim over.

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