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Im setting my eye on you N900!
Feel sooo happy for Nokia,they finally talk after N95 launches.
Considering that after N95 all their launches are pretty much,well,unworth-it-toy?
Yayness for Maemo5,and finally Nokia launch something better and BIGGER than Iphone,
in terms of the content 😀
Im getting it,for sure!
Had’nt change my phone for the last TWO yrs,yeah.
Thinking alot on what’s goin my phone next,
from the-ever-so-booming & common BB,to LG lollipop (nt avail in sg and SEA),to Sony ericsson Jalou D&G edition.
Thought that Nokia wont have much to offer.
But when I saw N900 specs,I was O_O

So no more Bimbo phone for me (Bimbo:nice outside,nthing inside)
If only tt phone come out in red/pink/gold,other than BLACK.

Anyways,Prelim pretty much hectic.
My hair bcm tangle up and spoilt!many pimples bursting soon,myahhahaha!
I cantt wait for ALL t0 be over.

Oh and I do hope we really performing,sam,tghter with other 6 member 😀

Our last lap is here


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