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The awesome about plastic surgery,behold

This one above is a Korea Singer,Ayumi Lee.
She undergo several procedure of surgeries to get her final look.
Damnn..I was super shockk of this!O_O soo much difference
Next is Wilber Pan,
Yup he had a surgery!
and this is him during schoolin days

And tada!
there’s soo many more drastic ones,but well..this is enuff to show the power of surgery.
Gosh,I’ll be lie-ing if I said that this is not tempting.But well,they used their face to earn money so is like ‘expected’ to do surgery?
Imagine we see a person that we thought is ugly/fat/pimplish/blabla ,then we avoid them.After surgery,pretty alr chase them.
This is human nature.
Im exhausted,hope the world could stop for a week

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