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heys y’all.
BYD was ystd and this yr we decided to just go with no theme at all.
So anyways,been addicted to 2pm recently.MUAHAHAS

BYD09′ pic: lol our last BYD alr

the ever stylist Sam & I
We are 2DAE!

Mr Tan Farewell~

papparazi in action yoz.!

Yups pic spamming done.
Had a talk with my friend in au recently and he said things like ‘unilodge is better off than homestay,but it’s rather costly,..”
Unilodge is like hostel for 18 and abv students,while homestay is recommended for 18 yrs and below students.
Since im gonna be 19 nxt yr,I thought it would be funny to stay in homestay with ang moh family (urgh!I didnt even want to think about it)
Told my mum that I’ll be goin to melb if she keep pestering me to stay at homestay.
She keep insistin for me to stay @homestay till..
My bro told her that homestay isnt a good place.
LOLS my bro one word can immediately change her mind!
She immediately said,”Alright up to you,actually” Lols..
But zanyways im kindaa glad.
Next prob is the fact that the unilodge didnt provide meals and all ( I guess tts the reason its for 18 and abv -.-)
And it can be v costly -.- with AU$363++ per WEEK. gosh
But its better off there since there are many other ppl there.
Zaaanyways,we’ll see till then.
Though its stressful time now,we goonnna enjoy a long months of hols when its over :)!
till then’

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