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Holidays ended -.-

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Been busy with hols,mum came during the first two week;Dad&lil bro came during the last two week.
Didnt want to elaborate much of it..
Anyways aft school chatted with AJ,JK,SAM,HUI so hilarious,esp me&sam we’re currently in the korean season..muahahhaa 😀
I really need to save money soon man -.-
I wanted to take the Make Up Forever’s Academy course which cost a bomb!
Maybe because they’re international brand -.-?
But I dont think I’ll be able to enroll there during the after-Os-break.
I’d think I just take some normal course.
As much as I would want to work and earn some income,I would really much prefer to take up the course.
wonderful times!
Oh!and I’ll be making my official international driving lesson during the end year hols!
Gosh =.= I hope I’ll do well manz..
There’s so many things to look forward to,but strangely I just want the time to stop or slowly pass by 😦
School reopening soon and Im nt excited at all
Watched dramas ‘You Are My destiny’ episode 160!
Its a freaking short +nice drama.
Each episode only 30mins and I can watched it in tv somemore..shiokness.
Oh and going to NSC tmrw!
Hope I can get a smooth skin once again 😦

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