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Cause good times cant last too long

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Hello world,back to blog again here 🙂

I know I said this like zillionth times already,but well gonna said again.
In life:99% difficulties 1%happiness
that’s what makes the happiness taste especially sweet.
So anyway,I dont know whats knocking to my head or sth.
I woke up at 5.30am this morning and done a 3 rounds of short jogging ard my house.
It only last to about 19~minutes -.- but well its my first time!
I totally find this unbelievable T.T
I mean c’mon,who doesnt know that I hate running?
Well maybe the fatness in me drives me to do it & makes me more determined.
But Im not sure it gonna last long thou -.-
So anyway,
Mum gonna come tommorow and all seems to be in a rush & all over the place
Im not sure how to put this in proper words,but totally all is in a rush.
Another thing,bro been telling me that melb is better place to study.
Cuz syd seems very cosmopolitan.
Totally and honestly im anything,cuz I didnt really have the proper mood to ‘select’ which country im going next until I get my results.
I hope I’ll be going somewhere that I wont regret T.T
Arggh..College–>Uni–>and tada the miserable working Life
damnn..time sure flies quick.
Alrite..Im downloading full season of Gossip Girl,90210,Ghost Whisperer .
Im gonna save it and watch it 😀
cuz I hate watching sth with commercials T.T
Finally to my relief!I found a free dvd burners 😀
Alrite off I go to enjoy this limited+short relax time -.-
It aint gonna last long,I know!
BUT im gonna have pleeeennnnnntyyyyyyyy of time after O’s.
Like dang!

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