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Straight,silky hair :) ~!

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Watched ‘Death Bell’
is one of my favourite horror movies yet.
Predictable story line yet very interesting.
Its somehow kind of like ‘saw’ just that
this version have ghost appearing.
There’s Kim Bum & Lee Bum Soo acting on it.
Overall its nice 😀


Yeps,I finally made up my mind to straighten it up.

I really love my curly hair,its so easy to style ,just need to spray then good to go alr.
But after almost 1 year,its getting long and frizzy..
And Im afraid it would be very damaged if I waited till end year to treat it.
After several hestitations,etc. I finally straightened it!
Do a soft rebond + treatment+ cut + another treatment to treat my curl hair.
Trim a little,didnt really ‘willing’ to give up my long hair T.T
Thanks to GSS I spent less for it,discounted 30% off
It would cost a bomb w/o GSS
The price may still sound ex,but my hair length is damn super long -.-
Especially when it got straightened & havent yet cut..WEW it almost touch my butt!
The results is not so flat,my hair feel much lighter.
Love the ‘tingling’ feeling when I comb the hair with my hand,
Its such a long time since I really comb my hair,loving the feeling 😀
No pictures taken yet
Will be taken during class outing instead 🙂
p/s:My fringe is quite straight now and super hard to swipe it to the side -.-

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