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Happy Birthday ChangWei :)

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Yohoz..back to blog again yo!

The day before
went with Poh Hin,AJ,Winnie to J8 & Tampines 1
and I spent about 7packets of tissue + run to cold storage to buy 1 more stack -.-
Then yesterday drank panadol cold flu but still doesnt work 
After school,purchased panadol cold-flu MAX for my ever-so-runny nose
 I tried it
HAHAH and it works somehow?
The number packets of tissue has reduced greatly (you know what I mean).
I used 3 packets of tissue and my nose is sooo destroyed T.T
Today went to ice-skate with classmates 🙂 
and its a load of fun.
I managed to improve & learn some lesson cann!
At least there’s improvement compared to prv ones,bettr than nothing 🙂
Glad I went~
Happy Birthday CW!

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