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I wanted to smile,but I had to sigh

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Got back our results today,it’s last day of school but I didnt feel any excitement at all.

Rushed home,come back to school again to get my dictionary stamped.
Wasted few $$ for the taxi fares -.-
Anyway,just when I thought I finally settled on my mind to purchase BlackBerry Bold.
I realised that it has become so damn common already.Its not becuz its common that I dont want it.
Its just that I will somehow get easily bored to it.
For now,I hope SG will launch this
BlackBerry Onyx.
I didnt like it honestly,but its the only phone that makes a better ‘candidates’
I wanted a slim flip phone,but there’s none of it available in SEA.
SO forget it,
wish me luck for O’s 

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