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One more paper baby!

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One more paper to go!

Then I will get 1 or 2 days having fun!
But Cl’s O’s is coming soon..dang!So freaking worried -.-
I hope it’ll turn out fine ..
Anyways,lets put aside studies talks.
Went with winnie aft sch to J8 to eat for our lunch .
Later we find out that its only 09.40am and most shops/yoshinoya/KFC havent open yet.
Even McDonalds still serving breakfast!See how early we are!
Then after turning round trips to the seems-to-be-never-open yoshi,we decided to go Mac.
Meet Sangeetha & Sharmila there !
Watch ‘the uninvited’ with them 🙂
Later I found out that this movie was actually the remake of Korean’s Horror Movie ;”Tale Of Two Sisters” .
No wonder…the plot so similar -.-
Anyways the title got totally nothing to do with the movie.
Nevertheless,its a nice movie 🙂
Mystery/Horror flick can never go wrong in my dictionary !
Everybody watch this now!

Its an amazing video…
Hat tip..
Okays then!till here

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