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Super sexaaayyy pleasee

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I so want these please,but I dont think Its available here in sg and even if it is available I dont think I can afford it yet 😦

The Pink Blackberry Bold with white and pink sapphire diamonds and the Pink 3G iPhone 16GB with white diamonds. The Pink Blackberry Bold is embedded with a total of 328 diamonds (86 in the front and 242 at the back) The diamonds have a color F-G, Clarity of VS1 and a Bezel carat of approximately 3.95 phone has a 24hr one year international concierge service and sets you back $5,700.

yep a $5700 !
gosh thats a lot of money -.-
went for check ups today,glad that everything went smoothly!
Im gonna be a goood kid and go to temple tmrw 😀
I really really really need a short break … super exhausted and overwhelming 😦

I love my new blogsong,listen till the chorus!
its an indo song ~ 😀

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