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What’s one thing in the world you cant live without?
My specs/contact lens duhh ! I cant see the world clearly w/o them,unless I have a Lasik surgery one day


Im gonna do this post cuz somehow it motivates me?
ahhaha nah..Its just to colour up my blog! 😀
Thou these few days I felt like I’ve just wasted my youth,but somehow when I think about what Im gonna get after O’s, It excites me and it drives me going on and on..

So whats so great about this things that Im gonna get or HOPE to get after O’s?
Its not really that GREAT but to me its HUGE!

1.Study in Australia! (&travel with my family again~)

miss those times
when Im in Sydney,I always tell my mum :” Mum cant the time just stop here?I wish time pass could pass slowly…”

I know that lives in Sydney gonna be harder than Sg’s
but well..its faster there 🙂

so I hope I could go there now not as a tourists anymore but as a student!

2.Go for Haircut,Perm,and Colouring (my hair sure gonna spoil big time)

What hairdresser always want to tell us,but couldnt:
“I can give you Gisele Bundchen’s (the girl in the pic) haircut but I couldnt give you her looks”

Yeah so,nahh..i just want to colour it up and perm it.
it will do 😀

3.New Phone (BlackBerry Bold)
I’ve been eyeeing for this phone since Feb,but I just hold myself back and decided to get it after O’s
Actually want to get myself the LGKF350 flip,but mum keep wanting me to get this instead.
So yeah..

4.Get to relax ! & slim down

Yeah I LOVE to eat!
It just makes my brain feel relaxed 🙂
I hope that didnt get my body into trouble -.-

I want to relaxxx~!

I still remember what I ate in tt pic!
A lemon fish~!
In syd’s chinatown!

5.Get some new clothes

& not forgetting

* To get good results for prelims and O’s! (crucial one here)!
all of e above could only be made possible if this one point is achieved!

Its silly post I know!
But well,half of it going to be fulfilled.
SO im happy and it drives me go on.

I hope ‘it’s’ not as complicated as I think it would be

Mum’s in china now she gonna be back in 14th!
thats all folks Im gonna absent from blogging for a while~



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