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Heya im back again to blog!
Chatted with Olip on fb just now,she’s in sydney,Taylor’s college also taking the 1 yr foundation programme.
she said that there’s many indo’s in sydney,furthermore if im in syd,I will have at least a friend!
woahh that word seems to ‘electrocuted’ my brain.
moreover,there’s also careen in sydney!
theres so many indo ppl i know styding in syd right now.!

I will definately take that into consideration.ahahha!

Asked her lotsa stuff,like wats the requiremnt etc,WEE!
Somehow motivate me to study!

she also said that even tho there’s a pile of projects to do,its a lot of fun etc.
T.T envy!
Esp when i see her fb pics~

anyway,will think abt it.
Even tho trinity is really tempting,cuz i wanted to go to melbourne U instead of sydney U.
but again,in syd i wont be lonely

its nt the time to decide,its time to study for mid years/prelims/O’s
Good luck to myself 😀


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