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Kkotboda Namja madness !

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My comp back to normal,bought new modem and my connection is back to norm too!
Love it!

Ms loo’s back today,and its great cause our original EL teacher got to teach us as usual again 😀

Some silly ranting;
Texted my tutor just now on sth,she didnt reply yet and I dont think she’ll be ahhaha
I think Im a bit too over-worried,cuz its like when I didnt get the reply I’ll be like super panicki
ng over it.
I know its like super silly -.-

SO anyway!
Installed my Chinese fonts and all those!
Yay!I get to do the e-learning tmrw smoothly!

Has been so crazy with kkotboda namja (boys before flowers) dorama nowadays!
I mean c’mon, all the cast,soundtrack,storyline is superb!
Kim hyun joong just got his hair cut,and it really surprise me on how a haircut really change a person’s appearance!
Just look at the before after!

Kim Hyun Joong
before & after haircut

Lee Min Ho

I think those two are like the best creation ever created on earth can!
Gosh O_O!

Another show that Im watching is the ‘Paris Hilton My New BFF’
Its silly and cute.
I thought the silliness in the show will make me stop watching it,but the sillynes,however,make the show interesting and soooooo freaking cute.
Its a nice time-c0nsuming show to fill ur day if u got nth to do
But the girls in the show are like ‘….’ only 3 or 4 is good the rest is ..

Thats all,
Im going back to my life~



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