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Birthday Celebration Part 2 14feb09

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I updated the part 2
The delay is mainly becuz the long minutes to update the pics,as the pic’s size is super big -.-
SO anyway,here’s the part 2 pics!
Videos I tried to upload it,but it take a v long time..so next time 😀


Then we played the korean’s Saranghae Game!
Inspired by Family Outing!(a korean variety show)
Daniel played the guitar to make the atmosphere more
romantic,so the game can be funnier~

vikki enduring justin singing the rain version of “I Do,I Do”
take a look at sam’s expression!PRICELESS!

&these few ppl are

—the main losers of the day!—-
daniel before he got his eyebrow hurt 😦

andd…we played in the pool!

Thats all!thanks for the coming again on tt day!
p.s:happy birthday lanny!


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