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Lee Min Ho!

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YO!Im updating in the middle of e night out of boredom
My computer keep giving me problems -.-
spyware all those have removed,but the thing is those ‘fake alert’ thing keep poping out.
And now my Mcafee antivirus – which I already uninstall,keep saying I have not remove it,so in the end it keep poping out and say’file not found please uninstall’.
Totally crap,Im not giving a damn about this 4+yrs old laptop!
Since by the end of the year,I will pass it to my mum/bro and get a new one.
Its totally irritating can the pop out thing!
Today have settled the PR stuff!
And yup,im a PR now,collecting my blue IC next wed.

Nth to say much
I just wanna make a shout out to Lee Min Ho ,Kim Bum (the cutest smile + dimple!),Kim Hyun Joong!
Super adorable!


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