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Seoul Garden Lunch!

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Yups not much to say,
Just that ystd 11 of us went to seoul garden to have our lunch treat by Ms choong!

Didnt eat dinner cuz im too full!
And Justin is soo hilarious ~_~ should see the video recorded by Ms Choong!
Mix up the drink (Vikki,sharmila,Changwei is involved too!)
SO yeah today is my last tuition with her,hope that I can find a better tutor
Anyway the 2 movies has been downloaded!
Gonna watch it tmrw during dinner 😀

Oh and Me & Sangeetha has decided on what ‘theme’ we shld wear during BYS day!
YAYNESS cant wait for BYS!
And nope im not wearing something weird!

For the fact that Trinity College accept Prelim results to entry or ‘book’ those seats,
Its making me even more stressed out

LGKF350 and T.C.F.S!
dang! my dream college & phone!



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