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Happy Chinese New Year :D

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LG KF350

My current ‘dream’ phone!
Highlight on the fact that its a sleek flip phone!
And LG phone design always attract me somehow
But I’ll only be able to buy this phone on the 14.oct.09 which is when my phone contract ended.
And I think by then is O’s already so I dont think I’ll buy it on October,
I’ll buy it after O’s ended.
WHICH is mid Nov!
Nevermind -.- I shall endure!
Love this phone to the max!

Currently downloading Twilight & the Harold and Kumar movies 😀
Feel a lil bit of relax since tmrw got no test and all.
This shall be my 6th year celebrating my Chinese New Year w/o my family & visiting my relatives.
It sounds pathetic.
That reminds me,I’ve been in SG for 6yr ZOMG!Thats even older than my younger brother who will turn 5yrs old this year -.-
I feel old now.
I think that this year will past in a blink,since we’re packed with hw’s and test,etc..
I’ve never been so ‘packed’ with all these stuff at mid jan before!

Oh anyway I hope ‘it’ will be cured soon!

My bro 20th birthday is reaching!ZOMG that means in no time I’ll also turn to 18?!
Super freak out can!
its like ONE & AN EIGHT!

and in no time the ONE will transfrom to TWO
Why time flies so fast!

SO as usual,in this NEW YEAR
I hope I can be a better ppl,sister,friend,etc.
And I hope to be accepted to T.C.F.S



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