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See!I told myself that it is imposible for a overseas college to look at our L1R4 and Im indeed right!
I called the people again today,and they told me that Trinity see a score as individual.
So i told them about my stories,EL C6 all those need to retake O’s or not.
And they told me no nid to retake just go their office and have their test-which is easier than O’s.
Just make sure that other subj score is good
So why I have to retake EL O’s TOGETHER with my 5 subject,when I can take it as an individual with an easier level?

Then he went on to tell me that there’s many Indonesians there too applying with a C6 grade,and they got accepted.
And they said that AM is very important there!
Good thing I didnt drop!

Make sure that EL will be the only C!No more C please!

Good thing I called twice!

Trinity College!I want !*SCREAMS


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