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Short ranting post

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Hello blog,
Alot of thing has been running thru my mind nowadays and I thought that by pouring it out here will make ‘space’ for my brain.
Firstly,I cant wait for my older brother’s arrival at 9Dec !
I hope he will give me some of his time to chat with me.Will he?
I hope the contact lens will arrive safely and quickly to my house.
I seriously said this alot of time before,but since its already DECEMBER I guess I’ll have to repeat again.

This year-end feeling is SOOO making me unhappy
Im gonna be 20 soon,like in 3yrs time?GAWD!
I really do pray and pray everysingle second of my life,
to let my parents know how I want to go overseas studies AGAIN!
Im determined to study hard next year and get to AUS college fast+easy
Please please..

I think those are like my ‘teenage wish’,I hope I can fullfilled them 😦
so that I wont regret in my years to come


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