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Hello again,I seemed to be updating my blog regularly nowadays T.T
So anyway,Im going to some birthday thing plus to my store later,so before that let me blog ahah!
Yesterday nothing much happened,mum cancelled her flight to sg.
Why Indo nowadays got so many those
“Ketik REG Ampuh kirim Sms ke 9090″‘ commercial?!
This gonna be a long post

Product reviews:
Flashback to August08′
This is when I discovered that I have used some expired acne medicine that my mum gave me.
Then it all answered my doubts on why my pimple keep appearing.
So from then on I always stick to my choice of beauty products and never ever use what my mum gave me already.
In the end I use clinique anti-blemish spot on & the clinique 3steps for my daily routine use.

1.Clinique 3 steps
This 3 steps is recommended,doesnt irritate my skin at all!

But the redish-ugly acne scar still havent dissappeared!
So what to do eh?
The truly wonders of human creation –concealers!
Without concealers,
– I will have to go out revealing those ugly brown spots
– I will have to endure people staring eyes at my reddish acne scar
– plus some other imperfection in my face

I truly grateful for those people who create concealers!
seriously *bow down* to them!
I dont get it why ppl say natural beauty
I mean if u want all-natural beauty then dont
– pluck your eyebrow
– shampoo your hair and clean your body
– Brush your hair and teeth.
– dye your hair,etc.
there you go all natural.

Okay let me start with those I’ve stopped using first
So second product is my first-buy of concealer,

2.Clinique airbrush concealereffective on undereyebags and lightened your skin tone
however,it’s quite cakey
Stopped using this after it run out

3.Mac Studio Touch Up Stick

This is a good product
very easy to apply
Just that the people in MAC counter had picked the wrong shade for me
So it look ugly in me
Not the product fault at all

4.Make Up Forever Full Cover Camouflage Cream
*applied with MAC194I currently using this with MAC 194 brush
,but the above pic is the US version of the concealer.
SG version have different writtings and design
But content is the same.
This concealer finally stopped my long-search of finding the
right concealer
LOVED!I finally find it

5. Mac Studio Fix

*applied with MAC187Still using
This foundation plus powder in one truly hands down.
Its coverage is flawless!
When I first use this I was like,
This is what I call foundation + powder!
It comes with sponge
But applied it with brush is encouraged for hygene purpose
and better appliacion
Applied it with MAC187
for non-cakey look

The rest of blush/eyeshadow/lipgloss/lipstick/mascara
Is up to one’s choice!
Buy at sasa for more variety of choices!

this is one thing Im grateful for being in sg,
getting to know diff brand of cosmetics product!

p/s: i love MAC brush!
still, the best make-up look is the non-makeup flawless natural look
p/p/s: call me vivie (pronounced as veve?) ,cuz I think that sylvie is too long T.T


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