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Wazzup with the horror movie disc that I bought latelyy?
Storyline sucks,ending sucks and there’s not even a pontianak-kind of ghost pop up!
Where can I find an ultimate scary movie?

So anyway,I got 45% of my voice back now..
but still the cough and flu doesnt stop ! T.T!
And good news is that mum is going to jkt at ard 20th nov to make our visa..
Which means we’ll be going for the tour!
But its super troublesome lahhh,need to take 1hr plane to reach theree T.T
Somemore,mum asked me to help dad to open & close the store here while she’s away
Troublesome!! T.T

My maid decided to prolong her contract by 1 more yr,till I graduated in sg!
So at 25th nov she gonna go back to her hometown to have some kind of gathering with her family I guess..
and she asked me to edit some of her photosss..
So here’s the edited pics by me..
I hope everythings gonna be alright.
I hate a year-end like this,cuz we’ll be older soonn


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