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I dont know why everytime I went back to Jbi,I will sick at least 1 times -.-
So anyway,my voice is ‘gone’ now and I cant even communicate!
Yesterday is worse! I even got a slight fever T.T
why the hell am I so weak?
So yesterday,while I was having fever I acted like there was nth wrong in front of my parents.
Its like,Im afraid if they know that I was so ‘weak’ they wouldnt allow me to go Aussie after I graduated 😦
So I forced my self and ate the medicine quietly w/o them noticing me eating.
It sound kindaa childish eh?
ahahha I dont know whats wrong with maaa self!

So anyway I hope I can met the criteria in the Aus school.
It said that I must passed 6 subject and must have at least 4 subject B4.
Its kindaa though 😦
I hope I can make it! *determined*

Can someone knock me on the head?
I was so silly to actually *thought* that Jbi have ‘big eye contacts’
I bought it few days ago,brown colour.
When I tried it on,I was like *shocked* it look so horrible.
Not natural AT ALL!
It only coloured the eyes,and nt enlarged it.
So I guess I have to stick to Korea lens..
which means I have to keep buying them online

Went for facial today,my face look terrible now.
The people removed all my super-alot blackheads and left all nasty red remarks on ma face!
Fortunately,it will be gone in a few days.
Bought new TV for my room hereee 42 inchhhhhhhh!!!!YAY 🙂


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