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Jbi days..

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Im back to blog,again.

I just know that Jambi also sell the kind-of ‘big eye contact lens’ and its like super nice lahh..
Even tho its kindaa ex but Jbi gt sell lotsa varities!
O_O cant wait to buy them tmrw!
What colour should I get?

We’re planning to go Sydney in december,
I hope this time is real!
Cuz we already paid for the booking fees and all those stuff,so I guess its like 80% chance now?
Gosh -.-

So anyway,I felt happy with ma hair its like so easy to style!
But I feel uncomfortable everytime I washed it -,-
I will like ‘extra cautious’ cuz Im scared that the hair will got straightened..

here’s my curled hair picturee..
It will look much better when I have a longer hair 😦
Perm is like shorthened ur hair by an inch or two

Had my body spa yesterday!
Its superrrr shiok cann! :DD!



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