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Im back with a new blogskin!
So tired nowadays,keep going out ever since my mum’s here.
whole day at immigration office (ICA) building there to get my PR application done
as well as my mum’s green pass.
And just now,spent the whole day at hospital.
Got an injection for myself,mum,aunt to prevent some ‘women’ cancer diseases all those.

At night bought my MAC brush!and MakeUpForever full cover cream!
Im in shock.
I bought 2 MAC brush and the price is like ‘wth’ those kinds.
– MAC 187 brush (which is the foundation + powder brush) cost me $82 bucks -.-
– MAC 194 brush ( its a concealer brush) cost me $32 bucks -.-
– MakeUpForever Full cover cream cost me $48 bucks -.-!

Okay my hearts gonna break like hell if I keep recalling all those prices T.T
Anyway Im pretty happy with my buy!
Tommorrow planning to go and get my hair done.
Im thinking of getting some
(digitalperm+ treatment + cut)
at AMK saloon cuz there’s a promotion now! $100!for all those!
I hope its gonna be nice and the people better make me happy! GRR

Im gonna go back to my lovely hometown in few more days!
I can pamper myself already (hopefully) *croossfingers*

I hope my dad allow us to have a tour to Australia 😦
Its boring to always celebrate my chirstmas at the same city!

To all the pupils who going cambodia tmrw,have fun okayys :))!


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