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I’ve been waiting for this moment for like sooo longgg!
Had my O lvl Em paper 2 today.
Had problems on the last few question on number sequence & graph!
Gosh! talking about graph!
I keep draw the gradient until so messy so I keep erasing all those curve and even redrawn them for several times.
Feel so pek chek,I dont care already.I just draw the best straight line I can produced,and calculate the gradient.
Please Please at least few marks for my graph!

After school,actually wanted to watch movies with AJ.
But she abandoned me! 😦
She go for band,so I went off with Olip,Dessy,Novi,Viola to Subway.

I want to buy MAC 190 Brush cann!!
But it cost $45 for a brush.But the quality is damn good!
Dont care already!

Mom coming at 3rdNOV !*SCREAMS*
and I think Im gonna go back ard 8NOV,yay!Jambi!
the happiest thing is that Mom said my dad has somehow agree for me to go Sydney!
Even tho its somehow only,but still!excited!

Today marked the 10th year for Britney success!
This is why I love Britney,View it and you’ll be impressed!

Im gonna watch Emma Robberts’ Wild child movie already! CIAO!


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